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    Mail : info@cosmedica.com

    About Cosmedica Plastic Surgery Clinic

    ”% 100 Guaranteed Natural and Permanent Results. Experienced team with 10 years”
    Cosmedica Doctors have been providing services in the fields of newest technology Plastic surgery ,Medical aesthetics and FUE Hairtransplantation at Medical Park Hospitals Group since 10 years for international patients.

    Our hospital is the largest hospital group in Europe, and it has the highest number of accreditations as well as a gold standard accreditation from the American JCI. Over 9.000 satisfactory results with Plastic Surgery Operations and over 8.000 with FUE Hairtransplantation operations with a all Inclusive service system .Our price rates are 60 % better compared to most of the other countries. Everybody is invited for the privileged world of COSMEDICA

    All Inclusive Prices
    Breast Augmentation and Uplift with Silicon Implants Mentor ®USA ,FDA 2450 Euro
    Laser Liposuction Maximum Area 2400Euro
    Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck ) 2800 Euro
    Rhinoplasty 2500 Euro
    Fat transfer for Butt Lift 2250 Euro
    Gynecomastia 2100 Euro
    Hair Transplantation New F.U.E method with Maximum grafts 1700 euro
    Special All Inclusive Combine Treatmant Prices
    Breast Augmentation and Uplift with Silicon Implants Mentor ®USA ,FDA + Laser Liposuction Maximum Area 4400 Euro
    Rhinoplasty + Laser Liposuction Maximum Area 4400 Euro
    Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck ) + Breast Augmentation and Uplift with Silicon Implants Mentor ®USA ,FDA 4800 Euro
    Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck )+ Rhinoplasty 4800 Euro
    FUE Hairtransplantation + Rhinoplasty 3700 Euro
    FUE Hairtransplantation + Laser Liposuction Maximum Area 3700 Euro
    Post Bariatric Surgery (Abdominoplasty+Armlift+Tighlift+Full Liposuction ) 6000 Euro


    Cosmedica Plastic Surgery Includes (Exclude flight ticket)
  • Consultation with your Doctor
  • Laboratory analysis
  • All necessary pre and post op treatment examinations
  • Anesthesia
  • All medicines during your stay in the clinic
  • Consultation with your Doctor
  • Anesthesia
  • All medicines during your stay in the clinic
  • Hospital clothing, bandage or special underwear ,corset(if the surgery requires)
  • Silicons if the operation is need ( Mentor ®USA FDA )
  • Hospitalization at the clinic with food and medicinees (if longer hospitalization,no extra charge)
  • Postoperative inspection by your Doctor and control tests
  • 7/24 open emergency line
  • All transfers between airport,hospital and hotel
  • Free hotel accomodation include breakfast (Tempo Airport Suit Hotels )
  • No Advance Payment,No Hidden costs.
  • After-Before

    International Certifications
    Certification, recognised as a gold standard in healthcare industry, accreditation from JCI-USA.

    Best Price Guarantee & All-Inclusive System
    We organise for you all-inclusive package,.You are not charged with any extra money and time for your operation. You only need to get a flight ticket and contact with us.

    High Quality Service
    You will be able to get in touch with Cosmedica e-health consultant Doctors directly.
    Your appointment will be finalised within 24 hours.

    GET A FREE BOTOX TREATMANT (apply to the combined treatment)
    *FREE Botox® treatmant ( for only one of the listed fields.)
    Botox® is a FDA-approved medicine which has been used for 15 years securely. It is the easiest and quickest method which is applied to remove wrinkles and is preferred by millions of people every year.

    Fields of Application of Botox could be listed as below:
    In softening and decreasing horizontal lines on forehead,Eyebrow lifting (eyebrow lifting without surgery),Wrinkles on the periphery of eye (crows feet),Lines around mouth,In treatment of wrinkles on neck,In smoothing the appearance of chin,In treatment of excessive sweating in armpit and palms. Sweating could cause great problems in working environment and social life.


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