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    Price and Accomodation

    Hair transplantation centres apply different pricing in most countries. Some of them apply pricing per graft, while others charge per hair strand. Each graft to be transplanted ranges between Euro 1 and 5. In this case, hair transplantation operation costs up to 10 thousand and 20 thousand Euro. This means you need to be willing to pay some money for having your hair grow again.
    It cannot be known precisely in advance as to how many hair follicles are to be transplanted. So, the final cost you will be charged becomes clear after the hair transplantation operation. The fact that pricing is very high and cannot be determined precisely in advance causes uncertainty for the patients.

    Maximum graft procedure at Cosmedica

    Maximum graft number varies from person to person depending on the hair density, hair structure, skin structure, width of the donor area.
    Photographs sent to our doctors for consulting are checked on an e-consultation basis. This allows us to tell you only estimated number of grafts to be transplanted. Number of grafts so determined can be 10% less or more.
    As Cosmedica , we do not quote a price per graft for the patients that will come from abroad. With the maximum graft procedure (maximum number of grafts that can be collected), we offer an all-inclusive single price.
    In other words, the price you will pay is, independent from the number of grafts, final and determined in advance. It does not change afterwards.
    We offer state-of-the-art and highest quality hair transplantation services for best price to the guests that apply to JCI-accredited Cosmedica Hospital with Dr.Acar and heas team

    All inclusive Price:  2100 Euro ( as cash payment )
    (Prices are fixed, and do not change depending on the number of grafts)

    Cosmedica hair transplantation includes the followings (flight tickets excluded);
    – Your airport pick up.
    – Full consultation and hair analysis with your doctor before and after hair transplantation.
    – Blood tests.
    – Your hair transplant operation, cutting-edge FUE technique with maximum grafts implantation guaranteed treatment.
    – Guarantee certification
    – PRP (platelet rich plasma – FDA approved)
    – Your English speaking guide (available in other Languages as well).
    – All required medicines.
    – Your transfer from the hotel to the hospital and vice versa.
    – 2 nights free hotel accommodation (right next to the hospital, breakfast and wireless included).
    – No advance payment, payment is only at the hospital.


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