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    Stem Cell Therapy and Lipofilling

    What is a stem cell?

    Cells whose function is set in advance are known as “differentiated” cells. They are composed of differentiated cells, all of which are muscles, hearth, hair, veins etc. Function of all these cells is determined at the moment of birth. But there is another group of cells, which bear no characteristics at the time of birth. They are somehow open to be discovered, waiting for a function to be assigned. These are called stem cells.
    Different from other cells, they can turn into a “differentiated “cell. If these cells are dissociated and injected to any given place, they alter and undergo change to replenish whatever is missing, impaired or remain to be remedied. Stem cells are present in most tissues. Surprisingly, recent studies have revealed that fatty tissues host the most of them.

    Stem Cells in Aesthetic Practices

    Source of the stem cells that will be used for aesthetic purposes is one’s fatty tissue.
    For instance, part of the fat sucked during liposuction, is sent to the laboratory directly. Rich liquid is obtained from substantial stem cell rather than treated fat. These stem cells are added to the fat that will be used for aesthetic purposes, and density of stem cells increase and applied to eligible points via micro cannula.
    Fat cells obtained from liposuction used to be applied without being decomposed, however its subsistence tended to diminish after 6 months of time. On adding stem cells obtained from fat cells to the fat cells, one can get more satisfactory results, and the injected area is refreshed visibly as it rejuvenated the skin.
    One’s stem cell in his twenties is more fresh and active than that of forties.
    Stem cells recovered from young people in USA and China are maintained for being used for the same person in the forthcoming years.

    Stem cell therapies are nominated for being used in many fields, such as heart conditions, diabetes, bone disease, except for aesthetics in the forthcoming years.


    Most probably, you have heard the word liposuction already. Do you know whether the fat recovered from liposuction can be used in any other parts of the body? Yes, it can. Instead of aesthetic interventions with fill materials and silicone in most part of the party, rich fat could be transferred from the stem cell for much more natural and permanent results.

    In case of fat injection, which is also called “lipofilling”, fat is sucked from the abdomen, thighs, legs and other fat-content body parts by using the method of liposuction (micro cannula). These fat tissues are exposed to special treatments without being contacted by the external environment. After that, they are applied to most body parts for rejuvenation, plumpness, tightness and contour correction.

    Cheek filling

    Under eye fovea filling

    Correcting deep facial lines

    Correcting forehead line

    Lips plumpness

    Increased plumpness of dimple

    Breast enlargement and mastopexy

    Bottom plumpness and lifting

    Knock-knee correction

    A significant advantage of fat transfer is that any body part where fat content is in excess can be slimmed during the same operation.
    While sucking or transferring fat tissues, it is vital to protect them against any damages. The fat tissue that is recovered is centrifuged and unnecessary parts are decomposed. In this way, the rich part of growth factors is recovered from the stem cell for being injected. The studies have demonstrated that the fat injected during the operation has extremely reduced              rate of diminishing.

    The result obtained after the therapy is highly permanent. More than necessary fat is injected assuming that 50% of it will be diminished in a period of 6 months. However, it is particularly important that the injected amount is not exceeded. Although it varies by person and the area of implementation, a second session can be repeated 3 months after. In this way, permanency rate of the results are improved.

    It is recommended that the patients that receive treatment on large body parts take a rest for a while. However, most patients turn back to their daily routines in a short time after the treatment.

    It has been scientifically recognised that stem cells are mostly present in fat tissues. This operation relies on fat tissues enriched by stem cells are transferred to the breasts. Patients that do not consider silicon replacement can give it a try. A significant advantage of fat transfer is that any body part where fat content is in excess can be slimmed during the same operation.  Breast enlargement by way of using fat transfer gives almost-natural results. It does not cause any adverse effects or allergic reactions as your own tissue is being used.

    Breast enlargement by way of fat injection method is applied under sedation, so you do not need to stay in the hospital. You can leave the same day as the operation and go back to work the day after.

    There is no restriction apart from heavy sports activities and work-outs. You can take a shower the day after the operation.
    Excess fat tissue accumulated in the waist, abdomen, thighs, upper parts of the bottom cause the bottom to look even larger and shapeless than it actually is.

    Liposuction helps to emphasise the curve of the waist, eliminate eminentia on the thighs and shape up the bottom as round.

    Fat recovered from liposuction is exposed to special processes and subsequently injected to the bottom, ensuring that it looks more shaped-up ad plump (Latin bottom and Brazilian thighs).
    The patient can be released the same day. No stitches. The patient can go back to her normal social life and work after day 5. Fat injection varies from person to person, whereas it basically is permanent to certain extent.

    This is because the fat tissue that is injected loses 50% of its volume within the first 4-6 months. The results are even more permanent if it is repeated in 2 to 3 sessions.

    Compared to other methods, its advantage is that it is a perfectly natural method applied via local anaesthesia or sedation. Therefore, the patient can go back to her social life instantly, and there are no stitches.

    When applied together with PRP, the fat cells are better adapted to the tissues.
    It is one of the methods applied in case of lips, cheeks and under eye fovea filling, as well as gonion aesthetics. Oil recovered from the stem cell of one’s own is injected.

    Fat tissue in the abdomen, waist and thighs are sucked from special mini injectors, treated with special processes and subsequently injected in desired parts of the body. This is completed in 30 minutes via local anaesthesia.
    Leg anatomy of the individual is evaluated; treatment is applied whether knees are inward or outward.

    Outer sides of the thighs are eliminated as fat tissues are sucked from the hip and upper legs by way of liposuction. Inner parts of the knee can be plumped for better contours and more catechetic legs.

    The results are highly satisfactory. Lower parts of the body are considered as a whole and a customised treatment is applied.

    Effects of rich fat tissue injection recovered from stem cells?
    Fat injection helps to replenish the volume that is diminished on the one side, and enhances collagen fibre synthesis with the stem cell and growth factors as they are capable of replenishing what is missing in the injected area on the other hand. Collagen length diminishes, reconstruction is accelerated, thus loss of firm and lines are corrected.

    In addition, thin lines tend to disappear, spots are reduced, the skin appears rejuvenated and healthier after fat injection.


    Is the injected fat permanent?
    Fat cells that are recovered by way of a suitable technique and injected carefully become part of the area where they are transferred in 7 to 10 days of time. The rate of diminishing is 40-50%. Results obtained from the second session after 3 months of time are permanent.
    Does facial fat injection leave any scar?
    Another advantage of the method is that it is applied in milimetric, and leaves no scar.
    Is it possible to apply facial fat injection together with other plastic surgery operations?
    Fat injection can be applied together with many other plastic surgery operations.

    The fat becomes part of the area where it is transferred in 7 to 10 days of time. Redness disappears in 1-2 days after the operation; bruises disappear in 7-10 days.


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