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    Nonsurgical Nose Reshape

    This is what you are looking for if you want a nice and snub nose that no beak, and yet you are still afraid of undergoing a surgical operation, or think it is prohibitively expensive!
    Nonsurgical nose reshape is now possible. However, this might not be suitable for any nose. We reshape your nose by using combined techniques of filling, botox and peeling in case you have hesitations for undergoing a surgery or are afraid of the pos-operation period, thus you really not into it.

    Nonsurgically, we can perform three basic changes on the tip, septum and skin of the nose.

    Nose can be reshaped with no surgery in 10-15 minutes by using botox, filling and peeling. The results are substantially satisfactory. You feel no pain as local anaesthetic creams are used.
    Botox can be used standalone, however when used in combination with the filling technique, it is likely to obtain much better results.


    What can be done for the tip of the nose without undergoing a surgery?

    – It is possible to lift the tip of the nose a few millimetres by using botox and filling injections. In this way,  the tip of the nose is lifted for a better look.

    -The tip of the nose is lifted once the muscle between the tip of the nose and in-between of the lips, and the muscle that pulls it downwards are blocked.

    – Again, the tip of the nose is made distinctive temporarily with the filling substances. It is thus lifted.

    – Botox is applied to the nostril muscles. In this way, open nose wings can be narrowed for a more beautiful expression while smiling.

    – We often use botox and filling material injection in combination for the tip of the nose for more lasting and satisfactory results.

    What can be changed on the septum without surgery?

    – In case of a slightly beak nose, filling material is applied in between two eyebrows towards the nasal root and septum.

    – Irregularities on the septum are corrected successfully by using filling material (hyaluronic acid) injection.

    – It is possible to create a nasal-facial harmony aesthetically with filling injections applicable to nose-forehead combination.

    -Lines on the septum can be corrected by using botox..

    What can be changed on the nasal skin?

    With nonsurgical nose reshape interventions, spots on the nasal skin can be corrected by using peeling applications. This renews the nasal skin for a rejuvenated and brighter look.

    Minor irregularities can be masked in the post-application period by using filling technique.

    When bones are removed more than enough and cavitation occurs during the nose reshape, lines .a.k.a. ‘bunny line’ are said to occur when one smiles. These lines bring out an old look. We erase these lines with botox application.


    Pros and cons for nonsurgical nose reshape:

    Primary advantages of nonsurgical nose reshape are as follows:

    -No narcosis is required.
    -Leaves no scar after operation.
    -It is applied in 10-15 minutes only.
    -No recovery period is necessary in the post-application period.

    Disadvantages are as follows:
    -Temporary results (Botox begins to diminish effect in 6 months, while filling begins to diminish its effect in 12 months.)

    Who are eligible for nonsurgical nose aesthetics?

    Personal expectations are vital. What can be attained by way of nonsurgical nose reshape is explained in advance. If the prospective changes will make the patient happy, it is put into practice. Generally, anybody that has no breathing issues, no bent on the nose and that does not want to undergo a surgery can have a nonsurgical nose reshape as long as he or she accepts the results are temporary.

    In the post-application period, transient local swelling and bruises can be observed. One of the best aspects of this method is that you have the chance of giving it a try in advance. If not liked quite enough, the filling material contains dissoluble safe materials.
    The patient can participate in any social activity following the application.
    Effect of the application lasts approximately 1 year. In addition, the nose is an inactive part of the body, therefore its effect lasts even longer.



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