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    Objective of rhinoplasty is t change the bone structure and gristle of the nose so that it is in tune with and proportional to the face for a natural and better look, allowing more comfortable breathing. Rhinoplasty allows us to make the nose smaller or bigger, to lift the tip of the nose, to change the beak, to narrow down the distance between the nostrils or to arrange the angle between the nose and upper lip. During a rhinoplasty operation, the gristle that causes breathing problems, as well as the bone curvature (deviation, nasal bone or swelling) are corrected.


    What is the youngest age when nose reshape and deviation surgery is performed?

    Rhinoplasty can be performed as from the age of 17 or women and 18 for men. The surgical intervention is possible once the facial development is completed.
    Is the operation performed with an open or closed technique?
    Rhinoplasty is performed in two techniques:

    The first one of them is called ‘closed technique’ wherein all cuts remain inside the nose.

    The second technique is called ‘open technique’ wherein skin between the two nostrils is cut in addition to the cuts opened in the closed technique, thus nasal bone and gristle structures are revealed thoroughly. The cuts leave with no scar. This technique allows many processes that are not allowed in closed technique.

    We often apply close technique to our patients. The surgery is performed inside the nostrils. After giving the necessary aesthetic form, nasal packing is put into nostrils, and a plaster-plastic brace is put on the septum. This is how the surgery is completed. The surgery takes 1 hour under general anaesthesia.


    Do you place plaster on the septum? Do you use nasal packing?
    Plastic brace (a.k.a. plaster) is put on the septum of the patient during rhinoplasty. In week 1 following the surgery, the brace is removed. The small packing put into nostrils during the operation are removed in day 2.


    How do you perform tip-plasty?

    Complaints for sagging, wide, asymmetric nose require tip-plasty on the tip of the nose only. With no intervention with the bones and septum, which is the medium part of the nose, it relates to gristle and soft tissues only. It is a short operation performed under local anaesthesia. Bruise is not likely in the post-operative period, swelling is even less likely. Recovery is shorter compared to classical rhinoplasty.


    How long is the hospitalisation period?


    It takes 1 days, the patient can be discharged next day.
    Is the post-operative period painful?
    Rhinoplasty is a pain-free operation. Pain-killers are given after surgery to ensure a pain-free post-operative period.
    Bruises and swelling can be observed in some patients partially, and yet it is transient.
    When does it heal?
    Stitches are removed at the end of week 1, and the patient can go back to their work and social life. The aesthetic result of the operation becomes clear and at the end of month 1.


    Does it scar after the surgery?
    Neither open nor closed technique surgeries leave a scar.


    What are things to be considered in the post-operativeperiod?
    Aspirin or similar pain killers are not to be taken for a week. No glasses are to be used for a period of 4 weeks. Special care should be taken against potential blows, and activities that take efforts (i.e. sports) are to be avoided.


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