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    Plastic Surgery after Childbirth

    Changes in the body after childbirth

    So many physiological changes occur in the body after childbirth.

    Those changes are ptosis of breasts, prolapsation in tissue of breasts, pregnancy chaps in abdominal skin, loss and ptosis of tightness  in the abdominal front wall,  regional fat storages and specially vaginal enlargements are most common changes that we see very often and that our patients complain. In addition to all these, breast-feeding and breast pump usage can cause an empty or sagging breast appearance.

    How often surgeries should be applied for changes that occur in breasts?


    Breast reduction, breast lifting and obtaining breast augmentation (silicone or without silicone)

    How much time does it take to recover from these surgeries?

    It’s enough to stay at the hospital for 24-48 hours. Supportive bra is used for 3 weeks. Patients can take shower after a week.  After breast silicone prosthetics, lifting and reduction surgeries, it can take nearly 2 months to reach their natural form.

    Do Breast Aesthetic Surgeries leave surgical scar?

    If the wound is stiched correctly and if the patient does not inhold factors that cause problems in the healing procces  (anaemia, cigarettes, uncontrolled diabetes, obesty ect.) they can become very indistinct in 2 years. We strongly recommend creams with scar reduction effect to all our patients.

    What are the surgeries you operate for the abdominal region?

    Liposuction, mini or full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) can be applied.

    Tummy tuck surgery is performed with general anesthesia. Surgical incision is applied around the belly nearly cesarean level about 5 cm. chapped and sagged skin and underskin fat tissue is removed. Separated abdominal muscles are strengthen and belly is moved to its place. Thus the abdomen is tightened and streched.

    In mini tummy tuck, the surgical incision is only as big as cesarean level and belly is not replaced. It is applied for those who has lower abdominal fat tissue excess and skin ptosis. Surgical scars dissapear in time and stay behind underwear lines.

    After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

    It’s enough to stay at the hospital for 1-2 days. We recomend girdle to be weared for three weaks. After the tenth day they can return to their social life.  First two months heavy things should not be lifted. Sport activities can be permitted after first months such as walking and swimming. Full effect of the surgery is seen after 2nd month.

    When does tummy tuck surgery can be performed after childbirth?

    Within 6 months, loosing weight, reduction of oedema, loss of ptosis in tummy, reduction of regional lipoidosis, reduction of womb occur.

    After 6th months conditions of discontent can be intervened.

    Pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery

    Our overall approach is to apply aesthetic surgeries if another childbirth is not considered.  In case of being pregnant after an aesthetic surgery which has been performed after the first childbirth, changes will be less in comparison to the first pregnancy.


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