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    Number of fat cells in an adolescent body is determined. It does not increase after puberty. But volume of the cells does and this leads to weight gain. A convenient diet and a set of exercises are prerequisite for losing weight in a healthy way. However, stubbornly accumulated fat cannot be eliminated even if an individual abides by the aforesaid advises.
    Liposuction is the act of eliminating locally stored fat by way of cannula, and of shaping up the body contours.  Excess fat can be reduced in a safe and comfortable way. It is one of the major and most common aesthetic operations.
    Liposuction is not to be confused with obesity surgery. The latter uses different techniques. Slim people that exercise on a regular basis are likely to be unable to reduce locally stored fat on the abdomen, waist circumference and hips despite making good efforts. In such cases, we often apply liposuction.
    Who are eligible for liposuction?
    Both men and women who are not overweight and yet complain for locally stored fat in their body, which makes them unhappy with their look, are eligible for liposuction. The objective here is to shape up the body contour.

    For women, local lipoidosis is mostly observed on the hips, around the waist, on the thighs, inner thighs, behind the legs, knees, arms, cheeks, gill (double chin) and nape.

    For men, it is mostly observed on and around the abdomen, on the waist and chest. Liposuction is a safe surgery applied to both men and women.
    How is liposuction surgery performed?
    When the patient stands, the parts of the body from which fat will be reduced are marked by a pen depending on the amount of accumulated fat.

    Local anaesthesia pr general anaesthesia can be applied. Term of surgery is around 40-50 minutes.

    Millimetre cavities, regardless of the marks, are opened in parallel to the skin lines on the area where the fat is stored. Very small cannula is put into these cavities. Special solutions are injected through it, thus the fat stored in the area are made into liquid form. Now liquid fat are discharged through the cannula.
    Techniques of Liposuction:
    Tumescent technique:Small cavities are made in parallel to the body lines depending n the locally stored fat that will be reduced. Liquid that makes stored fat into liquid form and that reduces bleeding and bruises is injected to the tissue through cannula. Fat in as much as the liquid that is injected through the cavities is discharged by way of vacuuming, so to speak.

    Superwet technique:Different from the tumescent technique, liquid twice as much as the locally stored fat, which is planned to be reduced, is injected to the tissue.
    How is the post-operative period?
    The surgery takes 1 hour on average. The patient is discharged the same day and can go back to his or her regular routines. However, it is recommended that extremely physical activities are avoided for a period of 2 weeks. Bruises can rarely be observed on the area of liposuction. They disappear in 1 week though. Swelling, abirritation, tingling and burn can be felt but they are transient. The patient can go back to his her walking sessions and work-outs after week 2. This will accelerate reduction of any possible oedema. Stitches, if any, should be removed in 5 to 10 days.

    The patient should wear a girdle for up to 2 months following the surgery. The swelling will have significantly disappeared as from month 2. And the area of liposuction will resume its original condition.

    Liposuction gives extremely satisfactory results if performed by the competent colleagues with due diligence. The objective here is, by no means, losing weight but shaping up the body.
    Are the results of liposuction lasting? Can lipoidosis form again on the area of liposuction?
    Number of fat cells in an adolescent body does not increase, but volume of the cells does. Therefore results of liposuction are lasting. Since excess fat cells are removed from where they exist in the surgery, local lipoidosis does not occur again. No local gain of weight will be observed in case of normal gaining weight. Fat will no longer be stored on the abdomen and on the hips. Any weight gained will be distributed in a well balanced way in the body. However, if you gain half of the weight you have, local lipoidosis can be observed again.
    How much litre of liquid fat can be collected in one session by way of liposuction?

    Up to 4, 5 litres of liquid fat can be reduced at one go and safely depending on the patient. An additional session can be recommended in 3 to 6 months if deemed required by the physician.


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