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    Vagina Tightening Operations (Vaginaplasty) – Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Vagina could loose as a result of vaginal delivery, frequency of sexual intercourse, curettages and similar gyneacological interventions, genetical factors and age.

    Most of those who apply after vaginal birth are tound and they complain from both loosen vagina and vaginal deformation and painful sexual intercouse due to episiotomy
    Operations that are performed in order to tighten the loosen vagina called “vaginal rejuvenation or vaginaplasty operations”. Another name given to these operations is “colporaphy posterior” (back repair) operation.

    What will be occured when vagine loosens?
    Loosening of vagine in time causes unpleasant and unsatisfactory sexual experience.

    Especially, most couples complain that their sexual life is not as the same as before, after the vaginal delivery.

    Moreover, uncomfortable sounds that are occured during the sexual intercourse due to vaginal loosening causes loss of concentration in couples.

    Briefly, widening of the vagine negatively effects the sexual satisfaction and sexual drive in time. The marriage and relation of cuople of whom frequency of sexual intercourse gradually decreases, become problematic by the time.
    tightening the vagina increase the sensitivity in both man and woman and effects the sexual satisfaction positively during the intercourse.
    Moreover, if the vagen entrance is wider than normal, it makes you open to infections. It helps you to avoid from vaginit and vaginal leakage with which you could not deal despite all types of treatment and measurements.


    How is vaginoplasty applied?
    It is applied in second or third day after the end of your menstruation under local anaesthesia or general anaestesia. It lasts 30-40 minutes. 3-4 cm interior of vagen channel and vagen entrance is tightened surgically. Mucosa and muscle tissue in required amounts are removed and loosen muscles are tightened and vagen is made more tighten.
    Vaginal rejuvenation operations are in the group of operations which could be tolerated easily, do not have any post-operation pains and have so low risks if they are applied by experiences physicians. Operation effects sexual satisfaction and orgasm positively.

    Does vagina of a woman who has vaginoplasty before be loosen again?

    Unless she has a vaginal delivery, vagina shall not be loosen again. Vaginal loosening due to aging is minute amount.

    Could patients who had vaginoplasty before but not satisfied with the operation be operated again?

    Yes, a corrective surgery shall be applied. More than one vaginoplasty operation could be applied to one person.

    Which operations could be made simultaneously with vaginoplasty?

    Genital operations (labioplasty,cliteroplasty,G shot,cycstosel,rectosel , reconstruction of vaginal delivery scar and episiotomy scar,etc.) and
    Aesthetic Plastic Operations (liposuction, rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, etc.) could be made in the same session.

    Does vaginoplasty pose an obstacle for a vaginal delivery?

    Vaginoplasty does not pose any obstacle for a vaginal delivery.

    After vaginoplasty?

    Bleedings as leakages lasting for one or two days after operation are normal.
    Post-operative period is unpainful and you could go back to your daily activities, your job and social life in the following dat. You could take a shower after 2 days and it is important to get rid of lifting heavy obects or ıkınma for one week after the operation.
    Most stitches could not be seen since most of them are under the genital organ, only 4-5 stitches could be seen from outside. Since absorbable stitches are used, no problem of taking stitches occurs, stitches shall remove in 2 weeks and no scar remains. Painkiller and antibiotics which are prescribed by your doctor must be used regularly and properly.
    It is not suggested for patients to go swimming pool or sea for one month after the operation. Also, sexual intercourse shall be delayed for one month, you could use vaginal lubricative oils during the first sexual intercourse after the operation.

    What is “Levator stitch” (Levator suture)?

    In some cases, muscles are brought together by sutures applied to levator muscle in the deepest part of vagina and it causes a more lasting structre is created.

    Levator sture is preferred especially in “rectocele” cases.


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