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    Reconstructive Treatment for Normal Birthmark

    Birth (uterine) rupture occurs in the first delivery during the vaginal delivery as a result of the fact that vagina could not widen enough and vagina torns itself or doctor or care apply a cut here consiously (episiotomy).

    This rupture, which could occur in delivery naturally or applied by doctor, must be reconstructed and repaired with care properly and as its layers reciprocally. In patients to whom this is not applied, there are deformity in vagina, aesthetic deformation and loosening and widening by stitches opened.

    These cases could be reconstructed by vagina vaginaplasty or vaginal aesthetic surgery.

    Sırgical Treatment for Vaginal Delivery Mark (Rupture)

    It is applied under local anaesthesia and it takes 30-40 minutes. After surgery, there shall be no pain. Ruptures are repaired and treated. In the same session, vagina is tightened and the abundance that is felt during sexual intercourse is treated.

    At the same time, inner vaginal lips could be rejunevated. Outer vaginal lips could be lifted and filled with fat injection.


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