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    Labioplasty and labiaplasty

    Labia means lip in Latin language. The operation of correction labium minus (inner lips) in the entrance of vagina and labium majus (exterior lips) in the exterior part of vagina if they are larger than normal or prolapsed is called labioplasty-labiaplasty.
    Moreover, if one lip is larger or smaller than the other (labial asymmetry), again labioplasty shall be performed.
    In recent years, Labioplasty is one of the most demanding operations among other sexual aesthetic operations due to functional results beside visual and aesthetic concerns. Sexual appearance plays an important role in psychology of people.
    With labioplasty operations, sexual satisfaction increases in parallel with increasing of self-reliance.

    Which effects does the patient suffered from the fact that labiums are larger than normal? 

    Women who have concerns about their outer genital organs, lose their self-confidence in time and could have problems in their sexual life.

    Leaks that are accrued in folded inner lips and sweating in this area could cause several infections at this area. Bacterial and fungal infections (mycosis) increase especially in summer could produce bad smells in this area.
    -It could cause pain during sexual intercourse.
    -The socia life of the person could be negatively affected since she could not wear tights pants, tights, swimsuit or bikini comfortably.

    After operation, our patients expressed that they feel more comfortable in social environment, their self-confidence increased and they are release from problems in their sexual lives.

    How are labioplasty operations made?
    In labioplasty operations, firstly, labium are shaped in line with the demands of patients. Mostly, patients prefer that inner lips are removed completely and not to seem as they are inside the outer lips when looking from outside.
    It is made under local anesthesia after the menstruation period is finished. The operation takes 30-40 minutes and not painful.

    During the operation, firstly inner lips are anaesthetizes then prolapsed, irregular and larger lips and folds are removed and then aesthetic stitches which could be absorbed, shall be made. Those stitches shall be absorbed and no scar shall be remained. Moreover, if there are some color changes to brown or black, they are all removed during the operation.

    After labioplasty operation?
    Just after operation, patients could go back to their normal activities. It is suggested for them not to have sexual intercourse for 3-4 weeks. Patients could take a shower after 2 days and it is suggested for patients to take a shower while standing for 10 days.
    Drugs that are prescribed by your doctor shall be used.
    Lots of our patients see that operation takes a few hours and unpainful and they usually say “I wish I had this operation before”. Results of the operation are permanent.
    Could cliteroplasty and vaginoplasty be performed with labioplasty simultaneously?
    Formal defects of labiums mostly accompanied by folded skin which covers clitoris area and blocks orgasm. Mostly cliteroplasty is performed with labioplasty simultaneously. If it is found required, it could be performed with vaginoplasty or other aesthetic operations in the same sessions (lipsuction, mammaplasty, rhinoplasty…)

    How is sexual satisfaction affected after labioplasty and cliteroplasty?
    This area is made more sensitive by removing both labiums and extra skin folds and tissue remaining on clitoris area and this cause to feel sexual satisfaction more sensitively. Moreover, nearly all of our patients express that with the visual change in their genital organs, their self-confidence increase and they take their sexual satisfaction back.


    Could labioplasty operation be performed in virgins?
    Such operations never damage hymen, because hymen is 4-5 cm inside the operation area and operation shall be made completely on the outer genital area. Thus, this operation could be made in adolescence period and virgins easily.

    Could women who had labioplasty before have a vaginal delivery?
    Patients who plan to have labioplasty frequently wonder the answer of this question. Labioplasty does not pose an obstacle for vaginal delivery. Stitches are absorbed by body completely and no scar remains.
    How is labiaplasty operation performed? 

    Outer lips which form the outer part of vagina, the sexual organ of woman, loosen and prolapse according to aging or having many vaginal delivery.  The aesthetical surgery that is made in order to regenerate these lips is called labioplasty. Generally these are made plump and straighten if they are loosen. If labia are plump and flat, the genital organ shall seem better.


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