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    G –Spot Amplification

    Grafenberg spot (G Spot) is the name which is given to the spot at the side of urethra and located 3-4 cm into the vagina in which skene glands are extensive and from which is a sensitive area by which the most extensive sexual arousal is felt after clitoris.  –

    What is the function of Skene’s glands?
    Skene’s glands that are located on the anterior wall of vagina, have the erectile function same with prostate gland in men and they could produce secration by straining during sexual intercourse.

    How could G-spot be enlarged? 

    G Spot amplification surgery gives best results in patients who could not reach to sexual satisfaction. Enlarging this area by dermal fillers increases frequency and time of sexual satisfaction in women.

    It is an operation which takes approximately 1-2 minutes under local anaesthesia. Effectiveness of dermal filler shall decrease after 6 months. There is no side effect for reapplying this operation after 6 months. Patients could continue their daily activities in the same day, and their sexual intercourses after 3 days.

    What kind of benefits could enlarging of G-spot have?

    As a result of G-spot enlargement, appreciation and satisfaction of women during sexual intercourse increase. In parallel with this fact, ability to have orgasm could be ensured.

    G-spot enlargement operations are used for increasing sexual satisfaction in women and in treatments of anorgasmia (not able to have orgasm).


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