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    Cellulite and Local Lipoidosis

    With our accumulated experience, we witness that more satisfactory results are attained by way of customised and combined treatments in place of a single method or tools in case of cellulite and local lipoidosis.

    Following the preliminary examination;

    – Degree and location of cellulite and local lipoidosis,

    – Local lipoidosis and cellulite in one,

    – Cellulite in slim individuals in the absence of local lipoidosis,

    -Once dietary habits are evaluated, physicians plan a customised treatment.

    Cellulite is a nightmare for all women, and it is a cosmetic problem that frequently disturbs them.

    It is difficult to stretch out the hips by exercising. When blood build-up-circulation, nutrition on oxygen diminishes for the cells in this part of the body, cellulites and regional lipoidosis, a nightmare to all women,appear. Unless you do something to fight with it, you pave the ground for herniation of fatty cells on subcutaneous  level, thus ‘cellulite’ appears. Even though this is not a disease, it is a commonly seen ‘cosmetic and visual’ problem.

    Why does cellulite appear for 90-92% of women?

    This is mostly hereditary in the beginning and is stimulated by constituent factors. Hormonal changes, and excessive oestrogen hormone in particular, are known to be responsible for cellulite.

    Cellulite results from reduced circulation, genetically defective connective tissue and increased fatty cells. Excessive weight changes, pregnancy, unhealthy diets, menopause pave the ground for cellulite.

    Cellulite is very rare for men due to genetic and structural factors.

    Why are the stages of cellulite?

    You can follow up with the following stages if you want to know you have cellulite.

    Stage 0: You spot no orange peel even if you clinch the skin.

    Stage 1: You spot orange peel when you clinch the skin with two fingers.

    Stage 2: Orange peel that you can stop when standing disappears when lying down.

    Stage 3:Orange peel does not disappear even when lying down.

    Painful Stage:Cellulite may cause pain due to the pressure on the nerves by increased dense tissues.



    Cellulite and Local Lipoidosis Treatment


    Following the  preliminary examination, the dosage, duration and frequency of application of the methods of treatments indicated below are customised under a programme:


    Cellulite treatment and local lipoidosis incorporates a protocol for customised treatment, and combined treatments are preferred.


    1-     Eximia cavitation and vacuum therapy

    2-     Pressure therapy  (lymph drainage)

    3-     Body mesotherapy

    4-     Dietary programme and exercise


    Cutting Edge Technology for Eximia Cavitation Cellulite and Local Slimming

    Eximia cavitation system is a nonsurgical method that fights with local lipoidosis and cellulite by way of ultrasound (sound waves). Spread of ultrasound that is applied onto outer surface of the skin results in immediate and high pressure changes  in the cell fluids in fatty tissues. Besides, foaming causes dilatation, followed by deflagration. This effect, which is called cavitation, liquidates fat, damages cell walls and deconstructs the stored fat. Fatty cells in the tissue and released fatty acids are fragmented, and removed off through lymph canals.

    Pressure Therapy (lymph drainage)  

    This is a message method applied with a pneumatic air tubus. It regulates blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. With this effect, fatty acids that are fragmented after cavitation are eliminated from the body through lymph circulation.

    Body Mesotherapy

    Composed of natural herbal extracts, amino acid, l-carnitin, enzyme, vitamin mixtures, it is applied to cellulite and lipoidosis parts of the body directly by way of micro injection technique by a physician.

    It helps to eliminate local lipoidosis and cellulite that cannot be eliminated on the arms, abdomen, hips, legs and thighs.

    Dietary Programme and Exercise

    Before starting with the slimming programme, your body is analysed for fat, muscle and water ratio in order to learn your physiological condition.

    A dietary programme should be customised. Physical condition, health condition and family history of the patient, since when he or she has been overweight, as well as his or her food habits (foods he likes and dislikes, time of meals), social conditions and opportunities (invitations, meetings, business) are to be taken into consideration while preparing a dietary programme.

    Initially, negotiation with a physician is necessary for planning a treatment this.

    Please get in touch with our clinics for further information.


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