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    Breast Reduction

    Women that have disproportionally large breasts that have lost firmness bear aesthetic concerns in addition to a set of medical problems such as pain in the neck and on the back, posture disorder, difficulty in breathing, shoulder dent due to bra straps, inframammary hygiene problems (i.e. skin chafing or fungal infection).

    It is possible to get rid of these problems due to large breasts by undergoing a breast reduction surgery.

    If your breasts are very large and attractive and if you are disturbed by it, you can have smaller, better-shaped breasts in proportion to your body size after a breast reduction surgery. This will make youextremely happy.

    Objective of breast reduction surgery is to reconstruct smaller, better-shaped breasts in proportion to the patient’s body size. Our patients that undergo a breast reduction surgery become physically and mentally happier.


    Who are eligible for breast reduction surgery?

    Anybody that are or above 18 years of age, disturbed by her large breasts both physically and mentally and have no drawbacks for undergoing a surgery under general anaesthesia are eligible for breast reduction surgery.


    How is breast reduction surgery performed?

    Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and it takes 1,5 to 2 hours on average.

    -With a minimum scar starting from the areola and extending until inframammary line vertically, it is possible to make slightly and mildly large breasts into normal size, firm and live breasts.

    -In case of extremely large breasts, different surgery techniques are applied. In addition to the surgical scar explained in the technique above; another scar forms along the inframammary line, that is, in the form of a reverse “T”.

    In these applications, depending on the breast tissue that is removed; breast feeding might slightly decrease if the patient has not given birth before the surgery. Nevertheless, existing channels are well adapted to it, so the quantity of breast feeding might not change at all.

    During the breast reduction surgery, the fat, mammary gland and excess skin are removed from the breasts for smaller and firmer breasts. In addition, the areola can also be reduced during the breast reduction surgery.


    How is the post-operative period of breast reduction surgery?

    You will need to stay in the hospital for 1 day after the surgery. You might have simple pains that could be controlled with pain-killers. Antibiotics recommended by the surgeon are important.

    Silicone drain that prevents accumulated blood in the tissue, is placed in the patient. Drain is removed in 24 to 28 hours.

    You can stand up, walk and eat in 3 to 4 hours after the surgery.

    You can go back to work in 7 days after the surgery.

    The patients wear special bra with elastic filling for a period of four weeks as it keeps the breasts in shape.

    Stitches are removed in a week.

    Breasts should be protected against the sun for 4-6 weeks to ensure that the surgery scar disappears faster.

    You can go back to effort-taking sports that apply pressure on the pectoral muscles and the arms such as weight lifting, swimming and tennis as from 6 to 8 weeks.

    The scars will disappear on a gradual basis as the months pass by. The scars will have faded away and become invisible in eight months to a year on average.

    The loss of sensuality on the areola is only transient thanks to advanced techniques.

    The breast will take its final shape in 2 months on average.


    Does breast reduction surgery have any effects on breast cancer or does it play a preventive role?

    Breast reduction surgery does not result in breast cancer, nor does it increase the risk. On the contrary, it diminishes quantity of the tissues that potentially is likely to develop breast cancer.


    What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

    Despite very rare, breast reduction surgery has risks as in the case of all surgical operations. That is why the patient should be made aware of them in advance. Small drains are placed during the surgery in order to discharge minor diapedesis. To avoid infections, the patient is given antibiotics.


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