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    Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation is the major aesthetic operations in demand. With special techniques that are applied, and with the help of silicone, the breasts are reshaped in any desired sharp and form.
    Breasts are important in terms of femininity structure and perception of feminine body.

    Small and problematic breasts always trouble the subconscious of the women, with substantially lower self-confidence.  Wearing a dress becomes even problematic when one’s breasts are small.


    Am I eligible for breast augmentation?

    You can undergo mammoplasty if one or more of the followings are applicable to you:

    –  Small breasts due to hereditary reasons,
    –  That you have small breasts are troublesome for perception of your body and for your self-confidence,,
    –  Your hip ad chest sizes are disproportional,
    –  Disproportion, trouble when you put on dresses and swimming suits,
    –  Loss of firmness and sagging after giving birth,
    –  Smaller breasts and deformation due to change of weight,
    –  Asymmetry, that is, disproportion between the two breasts.


    Small breasts affect women’s psychology adversely


    Breasts are the symbol of femininity both for the eye and for the subconsciousness.

    Small, and asymmetrical breasts affect women’s psychology, private and social life adversely.


    A woman that has a self-confidence issue is likely to postpone the marriage plan. Small breasts cause problems in married women’s life as well. They are concerned about being admired. They have difficulties with selecting clothes.


    Even though breast augmentation is a physical surgery, patients feel themselves very well and in good mood after the surgery.

    How is breast augmentation surgery performed?

    The surgeon and the patient should discuss and determine expectations of the patient, size of the breast implant, place of silicone implant, type of the implant, location of the cut.

    Skin elasticity, volume and shape of the breast, distance in between –whether they are too distant or adjacent- as well as ll body proportions (waist, hips and shoulders width) are determined during the surgeon’s examination. The décolleté is also to be taken into consideration for the augmentation surgery.

    In our clinic, we use FDA-certified, Mentor/Allergan  ®USA-branded implants, which are durable for lifelong with no side effects or carcinogenic nutriments.

    The common feature of all breast implants is that the over surface is made of silicone.

    There are various types of it depending on the filling material (silicone gel, serum physiological saline), shape (round, drop shape) and surface (flat, rough).

    The implants that are in use are certified by FDAwith no damages on human health.  Silicone implants have not been found to result in carcinogenic, immunologic or rheumatismal diseases. They are safely in use today.

    In a study conducted in Los Angeles, 15000 patients that have undergone a breast augmentation surgery have been scanned and it has been found that breast cancer risk is diminished compared to the plan population. In other words, silicones that are used decrease the breast cancer risk for unknown reasons, contrary to what is believed .

    Studies conducted demonstrated that breast implants do not affect fertility, pregnancy or breast-feeding.

    Silicone implants used for breast augmentation are placed in the body in 3 major ways:


    2-Inframammary curve,


    Breast implants are placed below the subpectoral- pectoral muscle or over the subglandular –pectoral muscle. PHOTO

    By placing the silicone through the cut applied to the vanishing point of the breast wall and the lower part of the breast is a frequently preferred method, which allows shaping it up more easily. Special stitches are made inside on the incision area. In this way the surgical scar can be hidden more easily as it lies on the inframammary curve.

    Areola is commonly preferred as well. The scar due to the incision on the area where areola and the mammary skin unite will be hidden because of the tone difference.

    In case of sagging between the breast skin or areola, breast uplift and breast augmentation surgeries can be performed in combination and at one sess.


    General anaesthesia or sedation-aided anaesthesia is used. Surgery takes one hour.

    It is possible to be discharged from the hospital the same day.

    4- The patient can go back to work in 4 to 5 days.

    Simple pain-killers and oral antibiotics will be sufficient.

    A special bra is to be worn for 4 to 6 week as after the surgery.

    Post-Operative Period of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

    You can stay at the hospital or go and rest at home on the night of surgery.  You can eat, stand up and walk in 2 hours following the surgery. Minor pain can be controlled by pain-killers. Antibiotics recommended by the surgeon are important.

    Swelling, purple-like change of colour on breasts, as well as loss of sensuality on the areola can be observed during the first week , however it is transient.

    It will take 1,5 months for the breasts to take its natural form.

    You are recommended to wear a special bra (sports bra) for certain while following the intervention.

    You can take a shower, go back to work in 3 to 4 days following the surgery, and the stitches will be removed in sixth and seventh day.

    Your breasts may be sensitive to physical stimulations for the first month. You should avoid any physical contacts for the first month.

    What are the risks of breast augmentation surgery?

    Risks of bleeding, infection (inflammation) and removal of stitches are seen very rarely in case of breast augmentation surgery. Temporary numbness can be observed on the areola.

    A tunicle emerges around the implant during the late recovery period. It is very rare and the reason for the tunicle is not known for sure. I may cause pain and deformation on the breasts and requires a surgery for correction.

    The body may refuse the implant though very rarely seen, and it may want to discharge it.

    Needless to say, these risks will be reduced when breast augmentation surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon. It is vital that you abide by your surgeon’s recommendations after the surgery.

    Is breast augmentation possible through fat transfer?

    It is scientifically recognised that stem cells are in abundance in fat tissues. It relies on the act of transferring fat tissue enriched from a stem cell to the breast. Patients that do not think of having silicone implants consider this.

    A major advantage of fat transfer is that you have the chance of slimming the parts of your body where excessive fat has been stored. Breast augmentation through fat transfer gives almost normal results. Since it is entirely your tissue, it has no adverse effects or allergic reactions.

    What is a silicone?

    Silicone is a natural element that is commonly found in the nature. As polymer, silicone can be protracted in liquid, gel or rubber. We often encounter with silicone in the form of body lotions, soap, processed foods, gum and water-resistant food content in all fields. It has no carcinogenic effect.

    For how long can I use silicone breast implant? Does it have a guarantee?

    In our clinic, we use FDA-certified, Mentor/Allergan  ®USA-branded implants, which are durable for lifelong with no side effects or carcinogenic nutriments.

    Will I have a choice of implants?

    There are many different types of breast implants available.  Only two companies, Mentor Corp. and Allergan, have received FDA approval for their implants.

    Yes, you will be given the choice of determining (Mentor or Allergan) the size projection and shape of the implant. All of these options you will be able to discuss with the surgeon prior to your procedure. It is recommended that you research these options before your consultation,

    Will I have any scarring?

    Yes, it is likely that you will have some scarring in the post-operation period. The surgeon will do his utmost to ensure that your incision is as discreet as possible and that scarring is kept to minimum. As with most scars, they are likely to fade with time and become less noticeable. The incision type that you choose will also have an effect on how noticeable your scar is, you will be given the option for beneath the breast, through the nipple or through the armpit. These options will be discussed with you during your consultation.

    Will I have to stay overnight at the hospital?

    Included in your package is 1 overnight stay at the hospital. Although we recommend that you do stay at the hospital for observations, you will be free to discharge yourself as soon you feel fit.

    When will I be able to return home?

    As recommended by our surgeon, our package will include 5 nights’ accommodation, in most cases this will be a sufficient recovery time for it to be safe and comfortable for you to return home.

    When can I return to work?

    Most patients can return to desk or office work within 7-10 days after surgery; however it really does depend on the individual and type of work. You should avoid strenuous activity or exercise for 6 weeks following the operation.

    Can I contact you after I have returned home?

    Medicana International Hospital will always be available for your help, and will advice even after your return home. If agreed, we will periodically contact you after you have returned home in order to check the progress of your recovery.

    Will I need insurance?

    Whilst your are in the care of Medicana International Hospital Group you will be covered by their own insurance as well as the surgeon’s, however it is recommended that you take out further relevant travel insurance and advise them the nature of your trip.

    “Our relationship will not end with you following your surgery.”

    We make a long-term commitment to our patients and we stand behind the integrity of our products.

    Breast enlargement surgery (Augmentation Mammoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. It is performed to enhance the shape and size of the breasts by using implants.

    We only use Mentor Memorygel and Allergan Implants. You can relax in the knowledge that Mentor and Allergan are amongst the leading manufacturers in the world of breast implants, Mentor coming with a lifetime free of charge Product Replacement Guarantee and Allergan providing a 10 year replacement warranty.


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