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    Areola Correction

    Majority of aesthetic operations applied to areola is performed in combination with breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast uplift operations.

    Areola correction is preferred standalone as well.

    Areolar mammoplasty correction is an operation wherein there is a need for reducing the areola even though the patient is satisfied with the size and shape of her breasts. This is done with an incision around the areola itself, and usually under local anaesthesia
    Pre-Operative Period

    Immediately before the surgery, necessary medical tests are conducted; conversation and reviews are performed by the surgeon. As anaesthesia will be used, the patient should stop taking aspirin, herbal teas, vitamins, and blood thinners 10 days before the surgery. The patient should stop smoking, not take liquids or consume food 8 hours before the surgery.



    The operation is performed under local anaesthesia and its duration is approximately 1 hours. Patient stays in hospital for 12 hours under continuous medical supervision. The operation is performed withabsorbable sutures. The body absorbs and removal is not required. Changing pads is not performed, as stickers are used for much better protection from infection.



    Immediately after the surgery: temporary bleeding, swelling, significant discomfort, pain, temporary change or loss of sensation in the nipples and in the surrounding area, numbness, etc., can be observed, which increase in the first 3-5 days.


    Going back to work after 1 week: Patient should wait for a month before she resumes more demanding activities, scars begin to disappear in a few months.


    Sleeping on your stomach is strictly prohibited.



    The main risks of areola correction that could occur are bleeding, infection, loss of nipple sensation.


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