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    Abdominoplasti –Tummy Tuck

    Abdominoplastyis a surgical operation wherein the sagging skin and excess fatty tissues are removed from the abdomen, and abdominal wall muscles resume their firmness.

    This surgery allows the patient to get rid of local fat and abdominal stria. The abdominal wall looks firmer, thinner and more aesthetic and the waist circumference becomes thinner as well.


    We often make liposuction surgery in the same session as abdominoplasty surgery simultaneously.


    Abdominoplasty can be performed in the same session as other aesthetic operations (such as mammaplasty, face lifting, thigh lift). In addition, it can be performed together with some operations (hysterectomy, myom, ovary surgeries); however it is not recommended simultaneously with C- section.

    Who is eligible for abdominoplasty?

    Men and women who have excess fat on the abdomen that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercising, and have sagging skin are eligible for this surgery.

    Pregnancy causes muscular and skin sagging in addition to stretch marks on the abdomen. Quick and excess changes of weight also cause the same. Results obtained from abdominoplasty surgeries are quite satisfactory for these patients.

    Abdominoplasty interventions are performed under anaesthesia. It takes 1 to 3 hours depending on the partial or total tummy tuck.

    Abdominoplasty is performed in two ways:

    .Mini-abdominoplasty is applied to the individuals who complain for slight birth marks and sagging on the pelvic cavity.

    .Total abdominoplasty is applied to the individuals who complain for severe birth marks and sagging on the entire abdomen.

    How is the post-operative period of abdominoplasty?

    For the first couple of days you can feel abdominal pain that could be eliminated by taking simple pain-killers. Depending on the size of the surgery, you may be asked to stay in the hospital for one –two days.

    Drains are removed in 1-2 days on average, while minor stitches are removed in 1 week. You can go back to your regular routines in 2 weeks of time.

    The scar is visible for the first 3 to 6 months, and this is normal. It takes 9 months to 1 year for the stitches to even out and fade to match the skin colour.

    Partial or full abdominoplasty operations give excellent results for the patients that complain weak and sagging core muscles. The results are lasting, the same area does not sag or fatten again. Excellent results can be preserved for years if the patient works out regularly and follows a diet.

    What are the risks?

    Ever year, hundreds of abdominoplasty surgeries are performed. Each surgical operation has certain risks. If performed by a plastic surgeon in the hospital with a good evaluation before the surgery, the complications such as infection and bleeding are rare.



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