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    Skin Care

    Negative factors such as; environmental pollution, stress, malnutrition, hormone-injected foods, cigaratte, alcohol cause dysfunctions in our skin structure.

    We are able to beautify your skin, soften and delay the destruction to your skin caused by time and negative factors. This covers a process starting with knowing your skin well and including cares and applications for need of skin.

    With skincare, moisture and oil balance of your skin is provided, sunspots are removed, acne scars are softened, blackspots on nose and skin are removed and skin wrinkles and burrs on the surface of skin are all eliminated, thus; you could have a regenerated skin.

    Our skincares:

    •  Anti-aging care that regenerate skin surface  ,

    •  Antioxidant care with vitamin C (effective for tone differences and sunspots),

    •  Regenerative and firming eye contour care,

    •  Supportive skin care for acne treatment,

    •  Relaxing skin care for sensitive skins,

    How is skin care applied, how long does it take?

    It is very important to use high-quality materials appropriate for skin qualifications when skin care is applied, and it is also important that it must be applied by experts. It lasts 45-50 minutes.

    Your skin type is important. There are special applications and care cures for oily, medi-oily and dry skin types.

    Courses of skin care;


    *Tonic application
    *Peeling message,

    *Opening skin pores with vapour and oxygen (between 5min-10min),

    *Skin cleaning (cleaning black spots ),

    *Massage with special serums,

    *Mask appropriate for skin type and condition (15min-20min),

    *It is ended with a moisturizer that is appropriate for skin type.
    What are benefits of proper skin care?
    Well-cared skin seems more fit and younger. Skin tone seems equal, spotless and smooth in every field. It also increases the emission of all skincare and anti-aging products to be used at home.


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