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    P.R.P (Platelet Rich Plazma)

    The effectiveness of PRP (Platelet Rich Plazma) depends on factors in it.

    Those factors shall accelerate the improvement of tissue and healing of wounds. It triggerws the improvement of stemcells.

    What is PRP, how could it be gained?

    When a wound occurs on your finger, body activates in order to heal it and restorative and stimulating growth factors which are located in blood in certain rates, heal this area in the quickest way.

    Basic purpose of PRP application is to obtain factors in our own blood more extensive and pure form and apply these to the area from outside. Thus, the healing of target tissue shall be started in qucik and strong way and it shall result more quickly.

    For this application, nearly 10 cc blood shall be taken from you, this blood shall be processed  in laboratory and a pure serum plasma which is full of restorative and stimulating growth factors shall be obtained.

    It is 100% natural product which is obtained from yourself, it has no side effects and no scar shall be occured after application.


    What is purpose in PRP application?  
    In PRP treatment, the purpose is to obtain reconstructive and stimulating growth factors that have vital importance. Factors that are obtained by PRP method trigger the formation of new collagen and increases the material between cells and renew the skin.


    For which purpose is PRP treatment used?

    It is a treatment that reduces hair loss and rejuvenates the hair follicles.

    PRP application stops hair loss by stimulating hair follicles of damaged, weak hairs. It provides hairs to seem more bright


    It is used for skin rejuvenation. Some wrinkles, folds and prolapse occur on our skin due to losing some tissues and reducing collagen in time. By means of growth factors that are secreted on the area to which PRP is applied, healing and optimization could be occured. Flexibility increases in the skin due to regeneration of collagen and increase in its production.


    It is used in skin spots. Skin spots are healed by keeping the working system of melanin cells that ensures the color generation imn the skin by growth factors that are secreted by platelets with PRP.


    It is used in acne scar and chaps treatment.Platelets which work around the lesions of chaps, acne scars or scars on the sjin, ensures decrease in the appearance and increase in  healing by growth factors.


    In tissue injuries;  for example, in  knee injuries of football players, it is seen that the injured tissue is healed twice quicker than normal.


    How is PRP applied?
    It is applied in sessions. Once a month for three months. 10 cc blood is taken from you and it is processed. It is filtered. Then, the pure material in injected into the upper layer of the skin with microinjection. This application is unpainful.
    Before and after application ?
    Application lasts 40 minutes. Before application, no herbal tea is allowed to be drunk, no drugs like asprin are allowed to be taken due to avoid from bruising. After application, the patient should not make-up for 12 hours and not be posed to sunrays directly and must use sun-protective creams.
    Is the effect of PRP treatment is permanent?
    PRP treatment  reduces thin lines, tighten the skin and  delays effects of  lipoidosis. Its positive effect on the skin lasts 2 years. But, the effect shall last longer if control and support treatment is made once a year.

    Other specialties of PRP treatment method which could be applied to hair, face, neck and decolette areas as a result of researches:

    -It is easy and safe to apply to patients .

    -Results last long years .

    -It has regenerative and constructive effects .

    -It supports all vital functions of skin as well as new collagen formation


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