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     Liquid face lifting

    Hyaluronic acid, which is one of the basic mateirls of connective tissue that already exists in natural anatomy of our body is used as filling material.

    Hyaluronic acid, which normally exists in skins of young people and which gives brightness and colour to skin, decreases in amount in the skin and the decreased hyaluronic acid shall be refilled with the filling (injection) application.

    It is produced as a transparent and gel form. When it is applied, it shall be mixed with your skin colour and form integrity.
    Questions about filling ?

    1-How do filling materials take effect?

    Filling materials are chosen according to the area and depth to be applied. Products with little particles are used in thin lines, products with larger particles are used in more thick and deep wrinkles and lines.
    The volume shall be regained with a simple HA injection and wrinkles and lines become smoother.
    2-Where are these filling materials used?

    • Proving and contouring lips
    • Cheek implants
    • Sunken eyes implants,
    • Non-surgical Nose Contouring
    • Crow’s Feet wrinkles ,
    • Wrinkles and lines around mouth (lipstick lines, oral commissure, parentheses lines)
    • Forehead wrinkles


    3-How are those liquid face lift products applied ?

    Local anesthetic gel is applied to the site 15 minutes before injection. Dermal fillers are injected into skin by means of vert thin injectors. Patient could feel a little discomfort. Time of treatment is approximately 10-15 minutes. There is no time for recovery. Treatment is basic and safe. Results could be seen just after the application.

    Patient could turn his normal daily life just after the treatment of wrinkles with liquid face lifters. Treatment of wrinkles by dermal fillers is an easy treatment which do not need any recovery.
    4-How long will it last ?

    The lasting of dermal filler varies depending on the patient and the product itself. Skin, age and life style of the patient is important, dermal filler is extracted from the body by liquifying within 6-8 months. The temporary effect of hyarulonic acid is an advantage for hesitant patients.  This period could be extended by repeating injections.

    5-To whom it could not be applied?

    It could not be applied to allergic individuals, pregnant women, persons who use medicine about their immune system and those under 12 .


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