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    Cutting Edge Technology to Fight with Cellulite and Local Lipoidosis

    Eximia Ultrasonic Cavitation

    Stubborn fat accumulated in the abdomen, upper waist, hips and legs due to inactive living standards and malnutrition are defragmented by ultrasound waves for slimming purposes.

    As a pain-free, easy, fast and comfortable, system, cavitation is the most advanced ultrasound system amongst the existing ones.

    What is cutting edge technology of cavitation in slimming?

    Cavitation system is a nonsurgical method that fights with local lipoidosis and cellulite by way of ultrasound (sound waves). Spread of ultrasound that is applied on the skin surface results in a cavitation effect, which, in turn, liquidates fat, damages cell walls and deconstructs the stored fat. Fatty cells in the tissue and released fatty acids are fragmented, and removed off through lymph canals (via 4-stage endolift-lymph drainage mode of Eximian).

    Having visible effects as from the first session, cavitation system eliminates cellulites and stored fat, enabling a velvety layer of skin to come out.

    A visible slimming ranging between 2 and 10 cm is possible even after the first session depending on the thickness of the fatty part of the body.

    While measuring this, the body part that has been measured is compared with the result obtained and subsequently marked after the session, and the results are noted down.

    Eximia cavitation is a powerful application that relies on scientific researches and clinical tests.

    Whether in the abdomen, on the hips, waist, on the back, legs, arms, thighs; lipoidosis of our body parts keeps us away from attaining the look we want. Our clothes fit no more or unwanted fat grow over the clothes, which is no heart-warming.

    What is the efficiency of cavitation?
    It shows a faster effect in case of higher subcutaneous fatty tissue thickness. 1-2 cm slimming is possible in each session on average. Harmony between the patient and the treatment is crucial. It is additionally important to drink minimum 1,5 litres of water on a daily basis, to go on a walk and remain loyal to the diet. Ultrasonic lipolysis will give outmost effects once and if it is applied in combination with vacuum massage therapy and myosound (passive exercising).
    Who are eligible for cavitation?


    Anybody over 18 who want to slim with no surgery, want to shape up and complain for locally stored fat is eligible for this.


    Individuals under 18 that take aspirin-coumadin, suffer from advanced heart condition, kidney disease and pulmonary disease, as well as uncontrolled blood pressure, diabetes, and pregnant women, nursing mothers, individuals with a cancer history, who have implanted platinum in their body are not eligible.

    Cavitation technologies are methods of treatment certified b the U.S. and European Ministries of Food and Medicine. These treatments are not known to have adverse effects.

    Advantages of cavitation (slimming with ultrasound):

    Safe, pain-free, fast and effective results,

    Smart for defragmenting cellulite and stored fat,

    A method alternative to liposuction,

    Lasting results,

    Special hand probes designed for the face and body separately,


    Eximia Cavitation (Ultrasound-slimming technology);

    It is a cutting edge technology that is used for fighting with the followings:

    Local slimming

    Cellulite treatment,

    Locally stored fat


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