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    Chemical Peeling

    Chemical peeling is a treatment of problems and damages on the surface of skin controlledly.
    It could be used in treatments of acne scars, wide pores, skin spots, sunspots and thin wrinkles that are occured on the surface of the skin as a result of various reasons.

    Fields of application:

    • Eliminating birthmarks, pregnancy spots, sun and aging spots ,

    • Treating wounds, acne and their scars ,

    • Contouring tiny wrinkles,

    • Optimizing dry and irregular skin ,

    • Making anti-aging (skin rejuvenation) treatments,

    • eliminating sunken eyes
    Questions about chemical peeling

    What is peeling ?
    Dead skin (keratin) causes dull and pale appearance of skin. Peeling is a treatment in order to improve and smooth skin by peeling of dead, thick, spotted, scarred and wrinkle surface of the skin.

    How many types of peeling are there?
    Basically, there are three types of peeling such as; chemical, mechanical and laser peeling that is applied via laser beams.
    What materials are used in chemical peeling?
    Fruit acids (AHA,AFA), salisylic acid, glycolic acid and TCA are used in chemical peeing. We decide to make peelibg with which material, at which depth in accordance with the type and color of skin, depth of acne scars and intensity of wrinkles.
    How is it applied?
    AHA, AFA, glycolic acid, salicylic acid solutions have different acidic rates (15,30,50,70%). More acidity rate, more peeling depth. Firstly, skin structure is analyzed. Acidity rate is determined according to skin colour (pale, wheat, dark), skin thickness (in light-skinned people, skin is thinner), sensitiveness and the reason of peeling application. It is applied at least 6 sessions once in 10 days.  Before TCA is applied, skin is being prepared for 6 weeks. The upper layer of skin becomes thinner, thus the effectiveness of peeling is increased. Skin shall be cleaned before peeling is applied. The material is rubbed on skin by cutton buds.  Wait for 10-15 minutes according to acidity rate and planned depth. The skin shall be cleaned with neutralised product or physiological saline solution.

    What shall we pay attention after chemical peeling?
    The best sun protective cream must be used. The peeling of the upper layer of skin makes the skin sensitive to sun rays. In this case, when sun protective cream is not used, the application shall be more dangerous than beneficial. Keeping skin mousturized shall rapid the healing.
    To which areas could chemical peeling be applied?
    It is a method which mostly applied to facial and decolette area. If there is a need, it could be applied to other skin areas excluding eyes and mucosa.

    When is chemical peeling applied?
    Winter months when effect of sun decrease, is the best time for application. After application, the patient must be protected from he sun.

    What is session frequency?
    Generally, it is applied once a week. Our doctors arrange the frequency specially for you.


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