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    Capillary vessel and Varicose Vein Treatment with Laser

    It is a method of treatment that is particularly effective on capillary vessels on the face and on body parts, surficial varicose veins up to 4 mm, minor haemangioma, and telangiectasia.
    What is Nd-YAG laser?
    Nd-YAG laser has 1064nmwavelength that is absorbed by blood and blood vessels. This makes is a laser type that has lasting effects on the veins. This is the most effective type of laser for vein and capillary vessel treatment with laser.
    Is capillary vessel treatment with laser suitable for the face?
    Vein treatment with laser is very successful and effective on the treatment of facial capillary veins. During the application, the capillary veins are erased as if being erased by an eraser. A single session is often sufficient, whereas an additional session may be required in certain cases.
    Can Nd-YAG laser be used for the treatment of leg varicose veins?
    Nd-YAG is the most successful method for treatment of leg varicose veins whose size ranges between 3 and 4 mm, and of capillary varicose as it erases them fully with laser beams.

    Generally, a single session is sufficient for treatment of the vessels, whereas an additional session may be required in certain cases.
    What are the points to take into consideration after the application?
    One needs to take solar protection after the application. For this, sunscreens and moisturising creams are used. One can spot moderate sensitivity and redness that disappear latest in 12 hours.


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