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    Botulinum Treatmants

    Botox®  is a FDA-approved medicine which has been used for 15 years securely. It is the easiest and quickest method which is applied to remove wrinkles and is preferred by millions of people every year.

    Muscles which provide mimics (facial expressions) and moves of our face, are attached to the skin on them. With aging as a result of using, those muscles create visible wrinkles and lines on the skin. Botox ensures muscles to be soften, thus while existent wrinkles are removed, occurring more wrinkles is prevented.

    Fields of Application of Botox could be listed as below:

    • In softening and decreasing horizontal lines on forehead
    • Correcting lines between muscles ,
    • Eyebrow lifting (eyebrow lifting without surgery) ,
    • Wrinkles on the periphery of eye (crows feet),
    • Lines around mouth,
    • In treatment of wrinkles on neck
    • In smoothing the appearance of chin
    • In lifting the nose tip,
    • In treatment of excessive sweating in armpit and palms. Sweating could cause great problems in working environment and social life.


    What is Botox?

    Botox is not a poison of snake. It is a medicine which has been used in medical and which is obtained by a bacterium (Clostridium botulinum) for long years. Toxin of the bacteria is processed and transformed into a medicine and used in medical not only in aesthetic (plastic) applications but also in several fields.  Botox® product is only produced by American Allergan company.

    Instructions before application
    You have to quit taking aspirin or drugs containing aspirin 10 days before the application. Those drugs could increase the possibility of bleeding and / or light bruising.

    Do not take alcohol 1 week before the application.
    How is Botox applied?
    It is applied with a micro injector with very thin nozzle. It could be applied to exterior periphery of eye (area of crows feet), between two eyebrows, forehead and lower eyelid in very low units in order to treat wrinkles arising from mimics. Application shall be made into the muscles. Area to which application made shall be marked by dividing into squares. Botox is applied in applicable units to each square.
    What do we need to be careful after application?
    Be at upright position for 1-2 hours after treatment. You could take a shower after 6-8 hours. There is no certain diet, you could eat and drink everything just after the application.
    It is ideal for you to delay solarium and sauna, deep skin cleaning and peeling applications until two or three days after Botox application.

    When could patient turn to social life after Botox?

    Patient could carry on social life just after the application.

    When will Botox start effecting, how long does its effect last?
    Its exact affect occurs after 24-72 hours. It lasts 6-8 months. Effecting period could change depending on the metabolism speed of the person to which it is applied. By repeating those applications, this period could be 8-10 months.

    Will I have to continue after I start Botox treatment?

    You don’t have to continue Botox treatment after you start. Even after the affect of treatment is terminated, wrinkles shall not be as deep as the older ones.

    Does the application painful?

    Area is anaesthetized by means of strong local anesthetic crèmes before application, Botox application is not painful.
    Results of Botox are well if it shall be applied to appropriate area in appropriate dosage.


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