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    Why Hair Transplantation?

    Hair loss is a problem that affects two out of every three men and one out of every five women; it may result in psychological and social problems.

    Under today’s conditions, people spend a lot of money unknowingly on shampoos, solutions, sprays, serums to regain hair lost. These are often no more than loss of time and energy.

    They are inclined to try every new product on the market in the hope that it would work this time, however none of them gives a productive result because none of them enable us to regain hair lost.

    Hair transplantation is the only fact that is concrete, scientific and proven.

    Most of the other methods (i.e. shampoo, spray etc. may prevent existing hair from falling, help them look rejuvenated but it does not help new hair to grow. In other words, it is not a solution for baldness

    Hair transplantation, which has been in use since the 80s, had a very quick and positive development through FUE technique. Procedures have been determined by global and common practices, producing quite satisfactory, natural and permanent results.

    Upon positive feedbacks on satisfactory results, number of people that decide to undergo a hair transplantation increase on a gradual basis, and it has become a globally popular practice recently.


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