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    What is Hair Cloning?

    Cloning can be described as a method of producing ten thousands of hair roots out of a single one.
    For this reason, this is a revolutionary solution for those whose donor area is weak. However cloning technology is insufficient at the moment. Researches and tests are conducted for astronomical prices.

    Two decades of time are cited until the cloning technique becomes actively used, astronomical prices are reduced and it is materially attainable.

    Recent researches have covered a great distance in this sense. There are ongoing researches in the U.K., USA and Germany.
    For cloning technique, a single hair root is collected from the back of the head, hair roots that are cloned under special conditions are transplanted in any desired area as in the case of routine hair transplantation.

    On assessing all these factors in one, it does not seem possible that hair root cloning would become a routine practice in the forthcoming decades.


    Nevertheless, apart from cloning, the FUE technique is already the best technique supported by state-of-the-art in hair transplantation. The latter also has high customer satisfaction degrees.


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