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    Which criteria are indicative for the result obtained from hair transplantation?

    Hair line: Hair line is determined in consultation with the patient, it should be suitable for the facial lines and assessed as per certain rules of aestheticism.
    Size and depth of micro canals where grafts will be transplanted: The cut should be as small as possible and also as large as the size of follicular unit. In this way, the roots’ adaptation to the recipient area after the hair transplantation is even easier, and interruption of blood circulation in the recipient area is minimised.

    Canal angle and direction: Since the canals to be opened will determine the direction of hair growth, it is transplanted in the direction of original hair, thus the hair grows in the right direction after hair transplantation.
    Success of hair transplantation is measured by two criteria, which are natural look and dense look.

    Natural look : (one should not tell whether the patient has undergone hair transplantation). When hair transplantation is performed by professional and experienced people, the FUE technique gives very good results, and patient satisfaction rates are high, almost 100%.

    Dense look

    Density depends not only on the number of grafts transplanted but also on the following factors:

    1- Thinning or full hair loss: Density increases in one session if there is some original hair in the recipient area.
    2- Thickness of strands: Density increases if the patient has thick hair by nature.
    3- Hair colour: Dark hair seem denser than light hair
    4- Skin colour: If the hair colour is close to the scalp colour, the hair will seem denser.
    5- Hair structure: Curly and wavy hair will seem denser than straight hair.
    6- Short haircut: Hair will seem denser if not a short cut is preferred.

    Ideal patients to get the highest success rate in one session of hair transplantation:

    • Norwood type 3,4,5  and thinning hair,
    • Dark and thick colour,
    • Men with the average hair growth.

    The rate of customer satisfaction is 100% for the aforecited patients.
    For all norwood hair loss cases, the rate of customer satisfaction is above 90% for density, which is obtained in one session through FUE technique.
    Patients that have advanced level of hair loss may undergo a second session in order to increase hair density after the first session. Rate of satisfaction is close to 100%.


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