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    Hair Transplantation And PRP

    Transplanting high number of hair roots in one session through FUE technique has produced quite satisfactory results in recent years, paving the ground that hair transplantation has become a highly-demanded practice in a short time.
    PRP (Platelet Rich Plazma) is already one of the medical treatments as it plays a role in improving tissues.

    It has particularly drawn attention in that it heals tissue injuries, for instance football players’ knee injuries, two-folds faster.

    Factors present in PRP stimulate and rejuvenate the stem cells in damaged tissues it is applied. The stimulation triggers the body to renew its mechanisms.

    It offers advantages in 4 important areas as far as hair transplantation is concerned:

    • Hair roots that are collected are maintained in a natural environment with no damage until they are finally transplanted (2-3 hours),
    • Donor areas heal faster,
    • Thin and weak hair roots are triggered and rejuvenate
    • Newly transplanted hair roots adapt to the new tissue faster.

    The most important problem that remains unresolved for long years is transplantation of hair roots before they die and as soon as they are extracted, with no damage.
    Even if awaited for a long time, hair roots will maintain its rejuvenation provided they are kept in a possibly natural environment.

    The most important advantage of PRP usage is that hair roots collected for transplantation are kept in a possibly natural environment.
    In this way, hair roots are moisturised for a long time, get oxygen and kept in well balance of natural acid alkaline.

    With 7 major stem cell stimulant growth factors that it contains, PRP ensures the hair root is maintained in a good condition in an external environment, and helps the transplanted hair root to get oxygen and nutrition in a short time thanks to the new micro vessel growth hormone.

    • PDGF (Platelet derived growth factor)
    • TGF-a & b (Transforming growth factor alpha & beta)
    • EGF (Epidermal growth factor)
    • FGF (Fibroblast growth factor)
    • Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)
    • PDEGF (platelet derived epidermal growth factor)
    • PDAF (platelet derived angiogenesis factor)

    If the hair is thin, weak and dead in the area of transplantation, PRP helps them rejuvenate and grow.

    Furthermore, PRP is obtained from your own blood cells, therefore it has no adverse effects; it is non-allergenic or does not cause any reaction.
    So, everybody can use it safely with no hesitation.

    International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (www.ishrs.org) seated in USA, published a scientific study wherein PRP is recommended for hair transplantation.

    PRP is commonly in use for many of aesthetic interventions and hair problems.


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